A sunny meeting on 20th August

Sunshine was the theme of Monday’s meeting. And the mood was sunny too.

We warmed up on the topic of shoes – sharing memories from winkelpickers and towering purple high-heels to good old Doc Martens. We were also reminded that our venue is known as Shoemaker’s Hall, hence the cabinet of tools.

Our first speaker guided us through ‘Microbiology in seven minutes’. We all learned something and he has plenty more to teach us.

Another speaker scared us all when, after being introduced, she returned to her seat! Had nerves got the better of her? No, it was a tactic for a speech on her role as Salisbury Speakers committee member for PR.

Our final speaker addressed the meeting theme by discussing how she brings a little sunshine into her life and asking us all: How do we let the sunshine in?

With Pathways Tips and Member’s Moment now both firmly cemented into our agenda, we had something practical and something inspiring to take away from experienced members.

The club was really pleased to see four returning guests – one of whom joined up. Another guest was awarded Table Topics Master for enchanting us with a childhood memory of a garden, a wizard and a unicorn!

We also had two guests from other clubs who were able to pass on some tips. Onwards and upwards!