An inspirational meeting on 3rd September

Inspiration was tonight’s theme. We revved our engines to the theme of cars in the warm up – what a variety of automotive anecdotes! Some love them, some couldn’t care less as long as they get from A to B.

Speaking of bees, our first speech by our very own apiarist explained how Plan Bee can be a better option than Plan A!

Quite by coincidence the workplace was the choice of topic for our other two speakers. One looked back upon a time when he worked in a shop and the lessons he learned therein! The other shared some strategies about her new workplace.

Two of these speakers were giving the third speech of their pathways. This meant that they needed to apply feedback from the evaluation of their previous speech. The passion and humour injected into their speeches showed what they had learned.

Opening lines from great books were our table topic prompts. Participants moved on confidently from the first lines of Macbeth, Flopsy, Mopsy, Cottontail and Peter and Pride and Prejudice. Rising to the august challenge, one asked: ‘Time will tell? No, I will tell time!’

Unfortunately our grammarian deemed us a bunch of umm-ers and ah-ers. But we did manage to get in the word of the day – ascetic – twice!