Humorous Speech & Table Topics Contest on 1st October

Every meeting we have a laugh – but on 1 October we’re planning some extra
chuckles. Salisbury Speakers is about to hold its first Speech contest! The
theme is humorous speeches. Visitors are welcome to join us.
Three members will deliver prepared speeches on the topic of their choice.
They don’t need to have us in stitches, they just need to inject some humour
into what they say. Whatever they say will be their own original material and –
like at regular meetings – be five to seven minutes long.
Four table topic competitors will also compete. They will be given a surprise
topic and have to do some impromptu speaking about it for one to two
The winners will go on to compete in the Area contest. If they make it through
they will then compete at District level (southern England, including London).
Members who don’t want to compete can be judges and ballot counters. Or
maybe you just want to come along and watch. All are welcome.