Salisbury Speakers first birthday – a members view

I was delighted to have my speech tabled for the birthday meeting and it was quite an honour to speak to a full room scattered with accomplished speakers from other clubs.

My speech would complete Level 2 of my Presentation Mastery Pathway which I have chosen to improve my work presentations and confidence in speaking. Before I joined Toastmasters my confidence in speaking had been eroded over the years in a relatively high pressure and judgemental environment and I most definitely ‘had the fear’.

This evening I was speaking on the ‘magic of mentoring’ and I talked about ‘my marvellous mentor’ who I had been assigned in Toastmasters. Mentoring support is a hugely powerful tool; it gives you the confidence that you’re not a hopeless case (by the way no one is, fear of speaking is very common but with practise, public speaking is something everyone can do); that you’re on the right track with your speeches and ways to improve your speech so it comes across better. I must say that the speed of improvement is astonishing!

I delivered my speech which gave a nod to a speech my mentor had given the meeting previously (he had brandished a bottle of mineral water as a ‘special preparation’ to cure all ills); incorporated magical language and a reference to Roald Dahl’s ‘George’s Marvellous Medicine’. It seemed to go down (pardon the pun!) well and I won Best Speech which was a real honour. I was also awarded my Level 2 ribbon which I feel very proud of – it’s amazing how pleased it is possible to feel about a ribbon!