Salisbury Speakers is flourishing !

It is three months since the launch of Salisbury Speakers and already we are half way towards being a fully fledged chartered club!  We have several experienced Toastmasters from other clubs who have committed to Salisbury Speakers as well as a bunch of brand new members.  Two have already broken the ice and done their first speeches. Brilliant!
The thing is … Toastmasters is so much more than delivering the well honed prepared speech. Most people join Toastmasters to build their confidence levels.  The best way to do that is to get stuck in.  Take a meeting role, the Warm Up, the Sergeant at Arms, the Time Keeper role or be the Master of Ceremonies  for the evening.
Salisbury Speakers is a brilliant example of how to make Kolb’s learning cycle work.  We learn best through doing, reflecting, applying and planning. However to get learning, we have to get started.  So come along, get stuck in and have a go! Then when you are ready to deliver a speech – go for it!